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Ensure that:

  • Always be present at the ground early to give yourself time to inspect the pitch and appurtences properly and to prepare for the game.It is suggested that you attend the ground at least 30-45 minutes prior to the relevant kick off time.Remember to make allowances for adverse weather conditions.
  • You should ensure that each club provides a Club Assistant to run the line as required by the Rules of The League. Failure of this requirement or any other breach of The League Rules should be reported to the League Secretary as soon as is possible
  • The clubs should make contact with you at least 48 hours prior to the game taking place to inform you of the venue etc. and you should confirm this contact with the club.Failure of this requirement should be reported to the Referees Appointment Officer or his assistant prior to the playing of the game.This also applies if you become unavailable for a game at short notice but this contact should ONLY be made by a call to the officers mobile numbers not by e-mail or text.
  • Remember to answer all correspondence promptly especially confirmation of appointments or changes to appointments.The Referees Appointments Officer must be informed of those dates when you are not available.If you have not closed any dates it will be assumed that you are available
  • The Match Report form can be viewed on the WebSite once the teams have entered the information as required.This enables you to check players names and substitutes used etc if found necessary.There is no paperwork to sign following the game however you should inform the home club of your Fee and Expences and you should be paid immediately on completion of the game.
  • Before the game Kicks off the names of the substitutes (maximum of 5 per team) should be provided to the Referee and then allowed in accordance with the League Rules which allows for Rolling Subs
  • Referees League and Internal Cup Fees - £25.00 Assistants Fee - £20.00 - Private Car Expences 35p per mile up to a maximum of £10.00 is payable

Please notify any changes to your details held in Refs Directory to the Referees Appointments Officer who will update your changes.

Rule 13 Referees

  • j – Replace with – The Referee shall report any club to the Competition Secretary for not playing in accordence with The Rules of the League
  • k–remove not used
  • n – Replace Competition Secretary with Referees Appointments Officer Officers of the League - Add Russell Thomas under Assistant Referees Appointments Officer

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